Safe Travel & Surf in Mexico!

La Ticla Michoacan MX photo by Scott Valor

Empty La Ticla. Why are you still sitting at home?

As surfers, we will go anywhere for waves. We are the first to say yes and the last to back out of any trip outside the US, especially when epic waves and warm water call. Lately, though, many have decided not to go to or return to Mexico because it has been portrayed as dangerous in recent years.

Does this sound like you? You’re blowing it! There are many uncrowded spots in Mexico right now because people aren’t going like they used to. Guess who surfs there? Me. My friends who don’t fear the country. Mexicans. Plenty of other smart travelers. And we’ve all come back to tell you about it.

Listen, Mexico is as safe as your own neighborhood. But, just like your own city, some areas are safer than others. Wherever you travel in the world, common sense is your guide to going to the right places. For example, there are some neighborhoods in your city you probably will never go to, or won’t go to at night. There is a reason for that. The same applies in Mexico.

Here’s the other thing: violence in Mexico makes a good news story, so that’s all we hear about. When’s the last time you read, “Nothing happened in Mexico today, except Nexpa was firing and offshore until dark and beer was consumed.” Not gonna happen, so put it in perspective…

Here’s a final word of advice: if you think you will travel in fear, stay home. The experience won’t be positive and you will miss so much of the culture and camaraderie that Mexico has to offer.

No tengo miedo, guey. Nor should you. Now go charge those first class waves, enjoy the food, and meet new local friends…


Scott Valor is the author of “The Surfer’s Guide to Mainland Mexico” which is available here on .  You can check out more of his blogs, videos, and photos at .

Pascuales Colima Surf Check

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HOW TO Fix a Peeling Traction Pad by surfer magazine

A peeling traction pad is a problem every modern surfer has been forced to confront. You’ve just forked over $30, taken every precaution to apply the damn thing properly, but a week later the pad is coming unglued faster than Adrian De Souza after a World Tour win. Lucky for you, there’s an easy fix. According to Mark Anderson, a product manager at DaKine, in the event that a grip begins to peel, contact cement is your best friend. Here are his five steps to keeping that grip glued to your board.

1. To re-adhere the grip, you’ll want to use something called contact cement. The idea behind contact cement can be counter intuitive. Unlike most adhesives, you put the glue on both surfaces to be connected and then let the glue dry. Then, after the glue is basically dry, you put the two pieces together.

2. For the contact cement to work, you are going to have to be able to peel the pad back enough to coat the bottom of it and the corresponding area of the board somewhat neatly. Be sure to keep them from touching each other while the glue dries.

3. Like any adhesive, the areas where you are going to apply the glue need to be clean and dry. A thin layer of the original adhesive left on both the pad and the board is good, but if there are big globs of gunk on there, try to pick those off.

4. The cans of cement come with a brush, but it may be too big to be effective in a small repair. A small, cheap artists’ paintbrush might be easier for applying the adhesive—a toothpick will even work.

5. Grab the unstuck flap of the pad and peel it off as far as possible so that you can access the underside of the pad and the part of the board the pad will cover. Brush a thin layer of glue on both surfaces. Continue to hold the pad back while the glue dries—this takes around five minutes. If you touch the surface lightly and the glue lifts up when you remove you finger, it isn’t ready yet. After both surfaces have dried, simply push the pad back down on the board, and it should grip immediately.

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Phase One Surf FACEBOOK Surfboard Winner Announced!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who liked Phase One Surfboards!

The Winner is FAN #525 Albert J Penzone! Congratulations Albert!!!!

We also gave away a ton of other great stuff! Here are the other winners!

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Bobby Small
Bobby tried to come in and trade us an iguana for an SUP…we said “no”. Everyone knows an SUP is worth 2 iguanas. Bobby is going to be living large with some sweet new FCS Performance Core fins on his stick.

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Liezl Tamayo
Liezel as you can see is very serious about her fins. Congrats!

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Chad Brunner
Chad is my old buddy from highschool that relo’d to Hawaii. These fins are going to get to enjoy some warm water!

DaKine Traction Pad – Tyler Fukuda
We can see Tyler has good style from his black and white Facebook profile pic. We will get him dialed in on a sweet new traction pad from Dakine.

DaKine Traction Pad – Christine Spencer
I like Christine’s choice of decor. I had a fish like this in college but my wife made me throw it out :(

DaKine Traction Pad – Christina Banker
Christina and her friends are clearly fashionistas! Now Christina will have a slick new traction pad to accessorize with.

Headhunter Trucker Hat and Sun Protection – David Garett
David…on your next profile pic I want to see a bigger wave and you rocking the waterproof headhunter hat and sunblock. I think this gear found a good home!

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How to Hold Your breath longer with Mark Healey

Hey Guys…
Saw this on Surfer and wanted to share. Cool input from one of the best chargers on the planet. Quote of the article: “My best static breath hold is pretty crap. I think it’s about 5:30.”

I don’t think I can get to a minute….(yikes!)


Although the vast majority of surfers will never suffer a two- to three-wave hold down or stare down a 20-footer, we’ve all felt a sense of panic as we scramble to the surface. Needless to say, we could all benefit from learning to hold our breath longer. To keep your lungs inflated, we talked to Mark Healey, a man who credits his lung capacity to saving his life on more than one occasion.

“Before you start to train, keep in mind that you’ll always hold your breath longer if you’re not being timed. That’s how much of it is purely mental.”

“For me, I’ll either go for a run or get on a stationary bike and get to a pace where my heart’s going and I’m getting a workout and then start my Breath Hold Tables. Basically, I’ll hold my breath for 30 seconds, breathe for 1 minute, and then hold my breath for 30 seconds, and then breathe for 1 minute. I repeat that for half and hour.”

“I pass out holding my breath all the time. When you’re training, you want to make sure you’re in a safe, controlled environment. You don’t want to black out, fall down, and get hurt.”

“The rules for holding your breath while you’re freediving are the polar opposite to holding your breath while you’re taking a beating. In diving, you want to relax and get calm. In surfing, if you’re taking a beating, you’re already stressed and expending a lot of energy.”

“You need to go to your happy spot to calm yourself when you’re getting worked. That helps.”

“You can start to get better at holding your breath within a single day.”

“My best static breath hold is pretty crap. I think it’s about 5:30.”

“I’ve definitely felt the benefit of all the practice. Had I not trained to hold my breath longer, it could have gone the other way with me a whole lot of times.”

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Everyday Health television series ft. Jesse Billauer/Life Rolls On

Hey guys – I was contacted by Everyday Health and I wanted to share the info with all of you.

Here is their message:
We wanted to let you know about our new Everyday Health television series! Each episode profiles ordinary people who overcome extraordinary obstacles and who are helping others lead healthier, happier lives. Laila Ali, Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca will host the weekly program premiering this Saturday, September 3rd, on local ABC stations.

The premiere episode features Jesse Billauer and his organization Life Rolls On, an affiliate of the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation. At age 17, Billauer had his surfing career cut short following a spinal cord injury which left him a quadriplegic—and there are an average of 6,700 new spinal cord injuries among youths annually. For more details on the show, recap episodes and other information, check out:

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Phase One Surf – FRESH EVF Boards are in the SHOP!

Hey Guys -
Chris Diercks came down with a fresh load of EVF boards.
Check out some of the gems we have here. Check out the tails on these beauties!
We got the bro deal on this first set for $500 each…first come first serve.
Don’t know what EVF is yet? Check out my original post here

EVF is getting tons of amazing exposure…
Check out the picture of Kai Sallas on his EVF Takyama Longboard and Aussie Ben Wilson getting shacked in Fiji.
The Rider on the yellow shortboard is our very own Phase One Surf/Diercks Team Rider Jeremy Fullmer in Bali.

Want to really freak? Check out Ben Wilson in the video below on an EVF Kiteboard riding the largest wave ever Kite surfed.

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HOW TO SUP w/ Dave Kalama

Phase One Surf carries every SUP available from Boardworks and Global Surf Industries!
If you are local to socal or looking for a sweet deal on a SUP package let us know! / 310-802-3169

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Phase One Surf FACEBOOK Contest!

We are going to be giving away a bunch of prizes to our Facebook Friends that “LIKE” us. The only rule is to “LIKE” Phase One Surfboards and you are entered. We will use to select the winners. First prize is a Phase One Surf Epoxy Funboard, Epoxy Fish, or one of our Longboards. Other prizes include FCS PC7 fins (3 Winners), Dakine Track Pads (3 Winners), HeadHunter Trucker Hat and Sun Protection Pack (1 Winner)!/PhaseOneSurf

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For the CLAIMERS out there!

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Ozzie Wright on Tom Wegener’s TUNA (Alaia)

The TUNA is one of the cooler boards we carry in the shop…

Looking for something different to add to your quiver?!

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