Phase One Surf – FRESH EVF Boards are in the SHOP!

Hey Guys -
Chris Diercks came down with a fresh load of EVF boards.
Check out some of the gems we have here. Check out the tails on these beauties!
We got the bro deal on this first set for $500 each…first come first serve.
Don’t know what EVF is yet? Check out my original post here

EVF is getting tons of amazing exposure…
Check out the picture of Kai Sallas on his EVF Takyama Longboard and Aussie Ben Wilson getting shacked in Fiji.
The Rider on the yellow shortboard is our very own Phase One Surf/Diercks Team Rider Jeremy Fullmer in Bali.

Want to really freak? Check out Ben Wilson in the video below on an EVF Kiteboard riding the largest wave ever Kite surfed.

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