Phase One Surf FACEBOOK Surfboard Winner Announced!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who liked Phase One Surfboards!

The Winner is FAN #525 Albert J Penzone! Congratulations Albert!!!!

We also gave away a ton of other great stuff! Here are the other winners!

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Bobby Small
Bobby tried to come in and trade us an iguana for an SUP…we said “no”. Everyone knows an SUP is worth 2 iguanas. Bobby is going to be living large with some sweet new FCS Performance Core fins on his stick.

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Liezl Tamayo
Liezel as you can see is very serious about her fins. Congrats!

FCS PC7 Fin Set – Chad Brunner
Chad is my old buddy from highschool that relo’d to Hawaii. These fins are going to get to enjoy some warm water!

DaKine Traction Pad – Tyler Fukuda
We can see Tyler has good style from his black and white Facebook profile pic. We will get him dialed in on a sweet new traction pad from Dakine.

DaKine Traction Pad – Christine Spencer
I like Christine’s choice of decor. I had a fish like this in college but my wife made me throw it out :(

DaKine Traction Pad – Christina Banker
Christina and her friends are clearly fashionistas! Now Christina will have a slick new traction pad to accessorize with.

Headhunter Trucker Hat and Sun Protection – David Garett
David…on your next profile pic I want to see a bigger wave and you rocking the waterproof headhunter hat and sunblock. I think this gear found a good home!

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5 Responses to Phase One Surf FACEBOOK Surfboard Winner Announced!!!!!

  1. Al Penzone says:

    I’m guessing I am a receipient of something. How do I collect?

    • adrian says:

      You won a surfboard!
      I will drop you an email now so we can get you dialed in!

      Phase One Surf

  2. Tyler Fukuda says:


  3. Liezl Tamayo says:

    Hi!! I know it’s already March 2012, but can I still claim my fins??? lol :) ~Liezl Tamayo