Choosing the Right Surfboard Bag for your needs…from board sock to coffin

Choosing the Right Surfboard Bag for your needs…from board sock to coffin

This is the Guide to help you Choose the right Surfboard Bag for your needs.Check out all the options listed below here:

There are a bunch of bags available to you the challenge is finding the bag that is best for your needs. Whether you are looking for a bag to take on a boat trip to Indonesia or down the street to your local break this guide will help you out!The two key factors to look at when choosing a bag is:
1) The bag that matches your board shortboard, longboard, malibu, fish, and single fin. (They all have different bags)
2) The bag that works best for your needs (light travel or air travel)

Board Socks

Quick Description: The Bare minimum protection for your board. Use for light travel only.A board sock is the bare minimum in board protection. This are made to fit a single board. This is the most inexpensive form of board protection that is available. It does help keep your board free from scratches but if you drop your board a board sock will not prevent a ding. The downside of a sock is that it does not reflect the sun and a board with wax inside a sock can lead to a very difficult to remove board sock. A sock can serve a few purposes It can be used as an extra layer of protection when traveling. For example, on my most recent trip to Hawaii I put my board in a board sock then in a day bag and finally it went into my Balin Triple Pirate Slimline Bag with 2 other boards.

Day Bags

Quick Description: Fits one board. Use for Local Travel. Do not use for Air.Most companies make a standard day bag. They are designed to fit one board. Destination has the RTS or Road Travel Series, and both FCS and Sticky Bumps make a comparative model as well. These bags are not made for air travel. They are made for short travel and to keep your board protected. If you are throwing your board on your roof rack you should be using a day bag. In addition they are great to use in combination with your larger travel bag such as the Balin or FCS triple. Most dings occur taking the board to and from your house and in an out of your car. I keep a quiver of four boards in my truck at all times and use a day bag with all of them to prevent dings, scratches, and melting wax.
Note: Although I do not recommend if you have to go cheap and want to avoid buying a nicer travel bag for your air travel. You can utilize your day bag and add cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap to protect your board. You should literally create a cocoon around the board. I do not recommend but I have seen it done.

Travel Single Bags

A few companies make a beefed up version of their day bag for use in air travel or just for the surfer who wants a more protected board. These bags run about 30% more expensive than your traditional day bag. These bags are thicker and designed to take some minor abuse. Here are the companies that make these bags at the name they go by:FCS: Explorer Series
Destination Surf: Expedition Series

Double and Triple Coffin Bags with and without Wheels

If you are going on a serious surf trip or any trip that involves a plane my best suggestion is to use a double or triple travel bag. The bags are great not only because they have room for multiple boards but they also create room for you to add more padding and also put some of your other travel gear in the bag. Most surfers come back from their exotic surf trips with souvenirs, dirty clothes, and anything else they do not have room for.
Most of the larger travel board bags 8′0″ and up come up with a wheel option. I would suggest a wheeled bag for anything over 8 feet as lugging a bag full of boards through the airport can get exhausting.Both Sticky Bumps and Destination Surf make double bags and Destination Surf makes a great 6′6″ triple bag for travelers with small boards.
Balin and FCS both make great high quality travel bags and the Balin travel bags come equipped with board pads and hard walls which are great for added protection.

Quad Bag

Sticky Bumps makes an 8′0″ Quad bag. This is great for fitting a well rounded quiver in one bag. Our team uses this bag to help spread boards across the group

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