Safe Travel & Surf in Mexico!

La Ticla Michoacan MX photo by Scott Valor

Empty La Ticla. Why are you still sitting at home?

As surfers, we will go anywhere for waves. We are the first to say yes and the last to back out of any trip outside the US, especially when epic waves and warm water call. Lately, though, many have decided not to go to or return to Mexico because it has been portrayed as dangerous in recent years.

Does this sound like you? You’re blowing it! There are many uncrowded spots in Mexico right now because people aren’t going like they used to. Guess who surfs there? Me. My friends who don’t fear the country. Mexicans. Plenty of other smart travelers. And we’ve all come back to tell you about it.

Listen, Mexico is as safe as your own neighborhood. But, just like your own city, some areas are safer than others. Wherever you travel in the world, common sense is your guide to going to the right places. For example, there are some neighborhoods in your city you probably will never go to, or won’t go to at night. There is a reason for that. The same applies in Mexico.

Here’s the other thing: violence in Mexico makes a good news story, so that’s all we hear about. When’s the last time you read, “Nothing happened in Mexico today, except Nexpa was firing and offshore until dark and beer was consumed.” Not gonna happen, so put it in perspective…

Here’s a final word of advice: if you think you will travel in fear, stay home. The experience won’t be positive and you will miss so much of the culture and camaraderie that Mexico has to offer.

No tengo miedo, guey. Nor should you. Now go charge those first class waves, enjoy the food, and meet new local friends…


Scott Valor is the author of “The Surfer’s Guide to Mainland Mexico” which is available here on .  You can check out more of his blogs, videos, and photos at .

Pascuales Colima Surf Check

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3 Responses to Safe Travel & Surf in Mexico!

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  2. david eon says:

    i have been going to nexpa for 33 years now and have had a great time every time. i am driving down in march for a few months .it hasnt changed much in all those years as long as you stay at the beach that is. adios and buenas suarte to all that venture there. Big wave DAVE

  3. Mexico ya very known places for surfing and great place for having fun and what a seashore it has love to do surfing here waiting for the time to go again there.