Great Gift Ideas for Surfers: A Shopping Guide to Unique Gifts for Surfers

Great Gift Ideas for Surfers: A Shopping Guide to Unique Gifts for Surfers

Shopping for surfers is never easy. You know we surf and therefore most likely have a surfboard, wetsuit, etc but what else do we need?!

Another T shirt with a Hawaiian print is not going to cut it… Often times you may not know enough about the surfer to get them anything too personal such as a new surfboard or a wetsuit they like (most surfers have a brand/style preference). You can always ask the surfer for specifics but then that can take all the fun out of giving that special gift.

With this in mind I decided to create a list of all the great surf products I have come across that would make exceptional gifts to surfers on Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, etc!

The gift ideas are in no particular order but will offer a great variety of options for the next time you need to get a great gift to a surfer. Post any ideas you have that should be added to the list!

1. Go Pro Underwater Camera

Great for capturing unique shots and videos in the water. Also great for taking on your vacations for some cool underwater shots.

2. Ding Repair Scriptures

Every surfer needs how to do ding repair and this book has all the info you need all for under $10

3. Hangair Wetsuit Drying System

Stinky slimy moldy wetsuits are gone forever! This is a unique invention to keep our suits dry and de-funtified. Combine this with a booty hanger for a double dip in the campaign for good smelling wetuits everywhere.

4. Nice Rack Expandable Surf Racks

Bottom line: best expandable wall rack on the market

5. Indoboards!

Surfer Cross Training! Improve your balance and strength.

6. Surfing Books:

What do you get a surfer who likes to read? A book on surfing! The Storm Rider’s Guide to North America is an encyclopedia of surf spots and an awesome book for any surfer!

7.FCS Mission Premium Backpack :

Perfect bag for surf trips near and far.

8. Surfing DVDs

You can’t go wrong with a new surf DVD.

9. Surfboard Fins

Every surfer always needs some new fins! If you are shopping for a longboarder check out the 10.5″ Hawaiian Longboard Fin we have on sale.

10. Gravity Skateboards

Looking for something to ride when the surf is flat? Live on a hill? Carve away with some of the sweetest Longboard Skateboards around by Gravity, Dregs, and OS3 Skateboards.

11.Headhunter Sunscreen

Best Surfing Sunblock on the Planet

12. Surf Wax

Buy your loved one a box of their favorite surf wax!

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