Review of Phase One Custom Shortboards by Chris Diercks

Review of Chris Diercks Shapes

by Aaron Nascimiento

Chris is a local San Diego shaper with 20 years of surfboard manufacturing experience.

I first met Chris while I was working at La Jolla Surf Co. where we sold his boards, which he was shaping under the brand name LIVID. During the time I spent at the shop I was able to interact with Chris and learned that he is a great shaper who really cares about his product. I could see the boards Chris made were all well crafted and designed which made them an easy sell to my customers. I never once had a customer complain about their Diercks board and if you have any customer service experience you know how great that is for a retailer. Chris was always someone we could rely on for good boards.

It took a while to get me on one of his boards, up to that point I had been riding for a very talented
North County shaper, but I am glad I did. My friend Adrian finally convinced me to give Chris a try. At this time Chris had begun shaping for PhaseOne Surfboards. I called him to order a custom 6′2” performance shortboard modeled after one of my favorite Al Merrick shapes. Chris is a very professional guy and he knows a lot about surfboard design and what’s needed for different kinds of riders. He asked very thorough questions so he could get to know me and my style. I received the board in a timely manner, which for anyone that has experience with custom shapes is a bit of a miracle. After I received the board and had a chance to use it, Chris called me to get some feedback. That is the kind of guy Chris is. He is not satisfied just sending a board out. He has a vested interest in getting the riders feedback and making sure you’re satisfied. He treats every board as if he was shaping it for himself and that’s what makes him such a professional.

That first board from Chris was great, exactly what I look for in a board. The board was very well shaped, very responsive with great concave and flex. Since then I have converted and I am now riding Chris’s boards all the time. I have ridden boards shaped by some of the best shapers in the world and I recommend Chris to everyone not just experienced surfers. I have seen his beginner shapes and they are just as well crafted as any high performance board. If you’re in the market for a new board give Chris a try, you can order a custom PhaseOne Chris Diercks board at

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