FCS Leash Strings for Charity

FCS Leash Strings for Charity

Here is the scoop. All proceeds go to surf aid international to help the Mentawai people in need. Details are below…

FCS Charity String

Most surfers know the hassle of getting to the beach and realizing they’ve got their board and their leash, but are missing the little string that connects the two. Most surfers would also like to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. The FCS strings for charity are a high quality functional leash string of which 100% of FCS profits go to SurfAid International.

The strings are bright blue as a symbol of your support to SurfAid. Buy a leash string now and join the team of surfers supporting SurfAid. Buy a spare one to keep handy to ensure you are never stuck without one again. Pricing: Strings retail for $1 each and FCS hand over 100% of the profits made to SurfAid.

The mission of SurfAid International, a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization, is to improve the health of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. The Mentawai people, off Indonesia’s West Sumatran coast, face an overwhelming burden of illness on a day-to-day basis.

In the worst-affected villages, one quarter of children die before reaching the age of 12 years from preventable and treatable diseases including acute respiratory infection, diarrhea, bad or unclean birthing, malaria, measles and tetanus.

By fostering community participation, SurfAid’s goal is to decrease the rate of deaths by empowering people and providing community-based health and development programs to control malaria and improve nutrition and hygiene. The programs encourage local communities to continue to make their own improvements in health and quality of life and are designed to work with local government and non governmental organizations to bring about permanent change.

“SurfAid is such a fantastic organization and a true representation of how giving the surfing community can be. I’m really excited about the strings for charity because it is not only a symbol of support but a product that surfers will actually use! I look forward to seeing our little blue strings out in the water,” says Lucy Vincent, Marketing Manager FCS.

“Continuing from their past support for our work, FCS has created a great innovation with the release of their strings for charity. Thanks to FCS, SurfAid International can continue our mission to save lives in the Mentawai and Nias islands,” says Dr Dave Jenkins, Founder and Medical Director, SurfAid International.

Pick a Leash String up here: http://phaseonesurf.com/leash-strings-charity-p-1302.html

Surf Aid

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  1. SurfAid is such a great organization to donate towards and create awareness. That is cool FCS made this leash strings with proceeds going towards the Mentawai people.