The Nice Rack Expandable Surf Rack

The Nice Rack Expandable Surf Rack

I learned about the nice rack directly from the inventor Daryl Matsui and quickly was impressed with the rack he had created. It was affordable, scalable, good looking, and easy to use. Surfing is a small universe…turns out I surf with Daryl’s brother every weekend at the Manhattan Pier.

The Nice Rack quickly became a favorite online and with our local customers. It is durable, cost effective, and the ability to add racks as your quiver grows is attractive to surfers new and seasoned. Another huge bonus is the nice rack has completely gone green…check out the ad below. Bottom line the Nice Rack is by far the best wall rack on the market today. And it is cheap! Check it out on sale for $22 here:

· Nice Racks now made of recycled ABS plastic
· All packaging and shipping waste are recycled
· Switching to recycled packaging and shipping materials
· Now offer “naked shipping”. Reduce packaging and no plastic bags to recycle.
The Nice Rack® wall-mounted expandable surf rack system allows you
to add extra racks to your existing Nice Rack in a “snap”.

* Use anywhere
Home, garage, bedroom, board shops, shaping rooms, merchandising displays, etc.
* All surfboard types
Shortboards, longboards, kneeboards, fish, guns, etc.
* Easy to add new racks
Add new racks in a snap to your existing Nice Rack!

The Nice Rack is very easy to install. Check it out!
Nice Rack systems are made from high quality ABS Plastics and their unique two-piece design enables the wall mount to be securely fastened to the wall with direct access to the mounting screws.

The equipment support arm uses a structural ribbed and tapered design to maximize strength and stiffness and its connection system makes installation a “snap”. Protective foam adhesive tape covers both the wall mount and supporting arm to protect your equipment from scratches and dings.
Adding additional racks can be easily accomplished by simply linking additional wall mounts to the already installed system, leaving the number of racks that can be installed limited only by the height of the wall. Top and bottom wall mount end caps complete the installation and give the Nice Rack a finished look.

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