Chris Diercks came by today with some of the new EVF Boards

Phase One Surf house shaper Chris Diercks has been dialing in the latest in epoxy technology…essentially a proprietary vacuum bag epoxy process perfected by Wes from EVF (Epoxy Vacuum Fusion)
The boards have already gained strong momentum and notoriety. You can see for yourself via this post on Matt Biolos’s BLOG:
Another article from Surfer Magazine provides a great background on Wes Lakey the genius behind the construction:

Takyama and Patterson are also leveraging EVF for team boards etc.
The demand is current but the glassing process is very specific and all done by hand. This limits production to literally 20-25 boards a week.

Chris spun us up a 5’2″ spud and got me a 5’11″ Phase One Performance Fish. Ian, Scully, and Kyle from the team are going to be giving the 5’2″ a run through. I will have my 5’11″ with me in the water and will trade a wave for those interested ;)
PS – the crazy thing about the 5’11″….it weighs only about 4.5 Lbs!

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2 Responses to Chris Diercks came by today with some of the new EVF Boards

  1. adrian says:

    Check out Chris Diercks Team rider Clint throwing buckets on his EVF

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